Our Story

BvS is unique in giving advice based on many years of experience of teaching in leading British independent schools.  We pride ourselves on having a thorough knowledge of a wide range of schools, UK wide, and the admissions processes for them.  We offer a truly bespoke service which is centred on finding the right school for your child.

  • We offer truly independent advice
  • Our expert advice is based on many years working in independent schools
  • Our advice is honest and forthright
  • We work with all 2,500 independent schools – not just a selected few
  • We can advise on all levels of schooling – Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep & Senior; Day  & Boarding
  • We take pride in insisting on meeting all of the students we are helping in person. We happily travel overseas to meet families.

Our Services

We tailor our services to each family’s needs and can give you whatever assistance you require, whether it be simple advice or a more lengthy engagement.



We offer expert 1:1 advice helping you find the right school place for your child. This advice is given during a consultation, in person, by Skype or telephone.

Assessment & Tuition

We formally assess all students who we are helping as this enables us to target the most suitable schools.

Visits and Tours

Like house hunting, visiting prospective schools is essential.  As part of our School Selection Services, we can arrange a series of visits and make all the accompanying arrangements on your behalf.  We are also available to accompany and advise you during these visits.


UK Education System

The British education system is extremely varied and can be very confusing – especially to those outside the UK.  We are able to offer simple but extensive explanations of this system and the many examinations available within it.



We are able to take care of any logistical arrangements to ease the transition of a move to the UK, both schooling and domestic.  We have a range of well-respected trusted partners who are able to assist with property search, concierge and ancillary services.


Interviews form an integral and central part of schools admissions procedures and it is essential for prospective pupils to be properly prepared for them. Former senior teachers at leading schools conduct practice interviews and give expert guidance.
Guidance is also given on the standardised aptitude tests now used by many schools as part of their admissions process.

School Selection

We help families to find the right school for their child, at any point of entry and at all times of the school year. We work with the full range of 2,500 independent schools – across the UK – and are on-hand to help parents and their children through the various stages of the admissions process. This can often be a rather daunting task, but our expert advice and contacts within the schools (including all of the leading schools) is designed to make this a more easy and enjoyable experience.
We do not ‘place’ children in schools; we help them to find and secure places at the right schools.

Higher Education

We are also able to assist in the selection of universities and courses available in the UK and USA.  Our expert team of Higher Education consultants have detailed knowledge of courses, course requirements, and application procedures to all universities and colleges, including Oxford & Cambridge, Russell Group and Ivy League institutions.

Why Us?

British independent schools are renowned as being among the best in the world, not just for their academic prowess, but for their enormous extra-curricular provision and the quality of their pastoral care. Most children who are educated at independent schools become well qualified, well-rounded and confident young adults.

It is vital for parents to find the right school for their child: this is where BvS can help.

BvS Education is passionate about their School Selection Service which sets them apart from other ‘School Placement’ agencies: in close cooperation with families and pupils, BvS will help parents select the most suitable schools for the child. BvS Education helps parents think ambitiously, yet realistically about their children’s school possibilities so as to ensure that the child is neither overstretched nor understimulated. School years should set the groundwork for all future learning but should, just as importantly, be fun.

BvS provided a fantastic service when we were considering independent schools in the UK for our son. I was abroad alot and had limited access access to prospectuses. Niall listened to our needs, met the family and compiled bespoke packs to help match our needs. It’s such a gamble but BvS helped de-risk the selection process and prepare our son for the best education for him at this time. Thank you so much!

Angus Norriss


Last summer I went to Somerset for an English course to improve my English.  At the beginning I didn’t want to go there but my parents persuaded me.  After one week I started loving English and now at school, English is my favourite subject.  I did so many things: I played tennis, I did a lot of beautiful trips and other interesting things.  At the end I was sad to go and this year I decided to return and spend two weeks there again.  Thank you very much BvS Education!

Stefan von Kempis

Rome, Italy

BvS Education provided an excellent service in finding boarding schools and English language courses for the summer.  Our three children improved their English greatly and had a great time doing so.  We recommend BvS Education whole-heartedly for all parents looking for British boarding schools or summer English programmes for their children.

Veronika Böckenförde

Zurich, Switzerland

I had a great time at Rendcomb College the first term of this school year and I made friends for life and learned new sports like hockey and lacrosse.  The teachers were very enthusiastic and we did amazing trips on Sunday like visiting Oxford or Bristol.  Thank you Alice for helping me to find the right school and for organising my fantastic host family for exeat!

Franziska von Kempis

Amberg, Germany

The Team

Niall Browne

Niall Browne


Niall has been involved in British independent education all of his life: as pupil, teacher, housemaster and consultant. His many years of independent school experience and his “behind the scenes” knowledge give him the expertise to confidently guide parents in making the right school choices for their children.

His friendly relationships with headmasters and registrars help him secure places for his clients even at the most sought after schools. As a former housemaster, he is experienced in dealing with many nationalities and understands the challenges faced by foreign pupils. From London nurseries to Scottish boarding schools, Niall’s expertise has found suitable schools for hundreds of pupils. In his restricted spare time, you can find Niall rowing on any suitable river.

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Alice Gräfin von Spee

Alice Gräfin von Spee


Born and brought up in Canada, Alice attended one of the country’s top independent boarding schools and knows from her own experience how important it is to choose the right school. After graduating from University she moved to Germany and went on to work as Business Development Director at a British school in Cologne. There she was instrumental in setting up Germany’s first British boarding school and was immersed into all aspects of boarding school life and organization.

Moving to the U.K. in 2009, Alice has spent the past three years working as an educational consultant finding boarding schools in the U.K. for German pupils. She is passionate about her work because she knows that all children can excel if placed in the right educational environment. Between working and caring for her four year old son, Alice enjoys spending her limited spare time dabbling in antiques.

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