Senior School traditionally begins at 13+ (Year 9), although most girls’ schools accept pupils from 11+ (Year 7).  Each school does things a little differently, but the admissions process often begins several years in advance and entry can be quite competitive.


Click on the profiles below to find out a little more about some of England’s finest senior schools.


LOCATION: East Sussex (SE)
TYPE: Co-educational 3-18

Bede’s is located in the beautiful Sussex countryside, within easy reach of Gatwick airport.  It is a great all-round school, with strikingly designed boarding houses.  Has a strong reputation of success in Art & Football.


TYPE: Co-educational 3-18

Felsted is a great all-rounder and down to earth school.  Its size, location and flexible boarding options make it very popular with many busy working families.  It has (among other things), a strong pedigree in the Model United Nations.


LOCATION: Northants (E Mid)
TYPE: Co-educational 3-18

Oundle’s size gives it an economy of scale and some of its new buildings are breathtakingly state of the art.  However, no pupil ever feels lost due to the strong house system.  Academically strong.


TYPE: Co-educational 11-18

Sevenoaks has a hugely impressive track record in the International Baccalaureate Diploma but, wonderfully, remains completely unpretentious and welcomes pupils from all over the world.


TYPE: Co-educational 13-18

One of the big names in traditional boarding schools, Charterhouse has recenlty become fully co-educational.  Very accessible from London and Heathrow airport.  Very solid academically and has never been afraid to be innovative.


TYPE: Boys 13-18

Harrow is one of the ‘big three’ in boys’ boarding schools.  It is traditional, busy and successful – as befits an ancient school on a hill overlooking London.  Just as popular as it’s always been.


LOCATION: Oxfordshire (SE)
TYPE: Boys 13-18

Radley is a boys’ full boarding school and its location means there is no distraction of London.  It is very punchy academically but also excels at things outside the classroom – especially Rowing.


LOCATION: Rutland (E Mid)
TYPE: Co-educational 13-18

Uppingham is a very popular full boarding school.  It is extremely well-rounded and has a highly impressive pastoral system, cemented by retaining house dining.  Situated among a beautiful and safe country town.

Cheltenham Ladies' College

LOCATION: Cheltenham (W)
TYPE: Girls 11-18

CLC is one of the top girls’ school in the country, with consistently impressive academic results.  Its beautiful old buildings are complemented by some state of the art facilities and girls are given equal opportunities to excel in STEM subjects.


LOCATION: Worcestershire (W)
TYPE: Co-educational 13-18

With the backdrop of the Malvern Hills, the college is a popular and safe place to be.  Although it retains its British feel (and still has house dining), it has a charmigly international feel.


LOCATION: Warwickshire (Mid)
TYPE: Co-educational 13-18

Whilst Rugby is very proud of having given the world a football game, it is forward thinking full boarding school – it has recently introduced the International Baccalaureate.  Very much a full boarding school.


LOCATION: Berkshire (SE)
TYPE: Co-educational 13-18

Wellington has re-emerged as a first rate boarding school.  It is ambitious and excels in the classroom and on the rugby pitch.  Its location near Heathrow and London make it very popular with many parents.

Downe House

LOCATION: Berkshire (SE)
TYPE: Girls 11-18

Downe House’s green and white campus cannot fail to impress; the girls here are happy, confident and successful.  It is wonderful that all girls still spend time at the school’s outpost in France.


LOCATION: Wiltshire (SW)
TYPE: Co-educational 13-18

Marlborough is a traditonal full boarding school, and is extremely popular with families who have both sons and daughters.  It is hugely successful inside and outside the classroom.

St. Mary's Calne

LOCATION: Wiltshire (SW)
TYPE: Girls 11-18

St. Mary’s Calne is proud of being highly successful academically while retaining a calm, relaxed and happy atmosphere, very much helped by its size.  There is a real family feeling at the school.


LOCATION: Hampshire (SE)
TYPE: Boys 13-18 (Co-ed 2022)

Winchester has a fine reputation for being one of Britain’s leading intellectual schools for boys – but this opportunity will be extended to girls in 2022 and, by 2024, it will be a co-educational boarding school.


The majestic landscapes of Scotland provide the backdrop to a number of famous British schools.


LOCATION: Edinburgh (Central)
TYPE: Co-educational 3-18

Bede’s is located in the beautiful Sussex countryside, within easy reach of Gatwick airport.  It is a great all-round school, with strikingly designed boarding houses.  Has a strong reputation of success in Art & Football.


The Principality of Wales is closer to London than you might think, and is home to some unique and renowned schools.


This emerald corner of the United Kingdom offers a quality and affordable school options.