BVS is an accredited UKiset test centre

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Schools require evidence that international applicants have the necessary skills to thrive in the British system and their particular school. International applicants are often required to apply using UKiset – the UK independent schools’ entry test.
Please visit the website to register for the test, which can be taken under BvS auspices, anywhere in the world. BvS is an accredited UKiset test centre.
UKiset is extremely beneficial to both parents and the schools that use it.
After the test, a report is generated for their parents and academic consultants that compares the candidate’s performance against British pupils of the same age. A separate, in-depth report is created for schools that can predict future exam success and provides insight into the applicant’s English skills.
If you use our services, UKiset can send the results directly to us, and we can talk you through the results and guide you on which schools to send the full profile to.
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